Wk1 – Art Experience – Plaster Casting

My first activity in my art110 class was to make a mold out of sand and fill it with plaster! Heres my process in attempting to make a plaster cast of my hand!img_1455

Here was my initial mold I was going to cast: a peace sign

I then dug a hole out and used WET sand to mold my peace sign. Then I started mixing my Plaster of Paris in a 2:1 ration of plaster to water.

This is what my plaster looked like in a 2:1 ratio (oh and I used a CVP pipe instead of a stirring stick cause I was lazy to drive to a hardware store) and then I filled my mold.


Waited about 35 minutes to pull this out


Meanwhile I was owning my friend at Tic Tac Toe…


Brushed it up a little…


And heres a selfie with the final result!

All in all, this was a fun activity, I just invited my friends to go to the beach with me to play ball so they’d keep me company. This activity wasn’t too hard, it was simple and straight forward and I enjoyed it. Unlike other art classes where I usually had to draw or paint and I was never satisfied with my project, this one I can say was unique and different and I would love to do it again as a family activity or when i’m older. I ended up staying at the beach for quite a few hours because I didn’t want a nice day out to do to waste. I don’t think that I would have spent some nice quality time out at the beach without having this project so, i’m thankful for having this opportunity to go out of class to chill. I probably wouldn’t have thought to plan out any beach hangout with any friends because I “have no time” because of school but, this made me realize that I have that time! I look forward to more activities like this because it brought my out of a classroom or house and I can freely speak about my experiences!



  1. Hi Matthew – your background makes it impossible for me to read your posts. Can you please adjust it? I’m going to give you “2” points on each for now… but message me when your site is readable and I’ll give you full credit for the work. TY! 😀


    1. Hey Glenn, I apologize about my background making it hard to read my posts but, I fixed it! I also sent you an email regarding the same problem because I didn’t see this message option.


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