Wk 2 – Art Experience – Landscape w/ a Corpse


Whats this, a sleeping homeless man? Chilling, just kicking back, knocked out under the sun, without a care in the world? To the unseen eye, this seem to be the case. But rather, if you take a closer look heres what really happened…

It was a dark foggy morn in the eve of Spring, the person in question is your average joe, 9-5 job, two kids, suburban home, perfect car insurance record, living life day by day. This is why for this story, we’ll just call him Joe. Sounds perfect but, everyone gets tired of repetition. Fed up with his daily routine, Joe ditches his morning breakfast and runs head first into the world. With his new outlook on life, what was once familiar is now foreign to him. For example, he had always glanced by that dark alley, off in the distance, but now, clear as day, he decides to venture and check out the alley. He stumbles upon a hooded figure, reminiscent of a drug dealer. Perhaps because.. he was a drug dealer. Knowing this, Joe decided to live a little. He bought his first tab of acid. Unfamiliar with the substance, he took it on the spot. Slowly his mind began to race, unraveling the mysteries of the universe. Completely loving life, he runs to his car to explore the world as fast as he can. However moments later the steering wheel turned into a snake, just as he was exiting the freeway. He wrestled with the snake and managed to yank it from the car. The car hit a guard rail and his door suddenly flew off. He was then trying to control the snake but it wasn’t doing anything to the car. The car was heading straight for a ramp so Joe decided to jump out of his car as his car flew off the highway. Joe somehow managed to land upside down on the side of the highway leaving behind his legacy with the snake in his hand. And that is how I remember my last day with Joe. I encouraged him to explore the wonders of the world with me, I influenced him to follow me into the alley and experience the unknown with me, and most of all I was the one who held Joe in his last few moments of life. Joe was not battling a snake for his life, it was the illusion of the acid tab that he had been battling, the snake was in reality the steering wheel. My name is Jacob, I have been sober for 2 years, and I miss my best friend, Joe.



I think writing this story was a wonderful idea, as it caused me to think outside the box. I never usually get to use ideas like this or actually even get my mind working in a way like this. It was actually pleasant to speak in a narrative voice or even get to explore new ideas of how an event happened. In a way, maybe artists are always thinking like this, using their imagination to guide them in their work.


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