Wk 3 – Classmate Conversation – Christian Infantes

This weeks class session was a unique one! Today I had the pleasure of meeting Christian Infantes. He is a first year looking to major in Film or Psychology. He is taking this class as a GE and because of his interested in Film, this is the same situation as Amilcar. (You can find his classmate conversation here: https://thediaryofmatt.wordpress.com/2017/01/28/classmate-conversation-wk-1/). Christian is from South Bay, Redondo Beach so he commutes to school everyday. I find it cool that we have the same music taste ranging from Hip Hop, Rap, and even EDM. He is into music production and video games. He also plays overwatch which is probably the most hyped game right now, and i’d be down to play with him if I ever get the game! There are a few clubs that he wants to join such as KBeach and the film club but he didn’t really follow through with them. I asked him what he would like to do with a degree in psychology and film, he said that psychology was just an interest and if he got a degree in film, he would like to go into directing. As for psychology, he is more into experimenting rather than someone who just asks questions as a psychologist. In a sense, he’d be more hands on which is cool, cause I had an interest in psychology and I would have to agree about being hands on. I look forward to spending more time with Christian throughout the semester and getting to know him better.


Heres a link to his blog: https://chrisginsblog.wordpress.com/

Be sure to check him out!


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