Wk 4 – Art Experience – Art Care package


I am sending the Art Care Package to my cousin coming into college next fall semester. It contains a glimpse of my freshman year experience. Multiple speeding tickets, parking tickets, traffic violations, music festival and rave tickets, rush flyers and more! We have common interests so what better is there to send him that both the ups and downs of college. There is always beauty in the chaos.

  1. Sending someone an ACP is similar to sending someone a Snapchat because sending a snapchat to someone is like sending a small fraction of their life; whether it’s a selfie or a video of their friends doing something goofy. This is what their life is surrounded by in that fraction of 10 seconds of their life. Sending an ACP is like sending someone your experiences in life! These experiences are memories of the sender and the viewer get to see, or play with the objects.
  2. Sending someone an ACP is also different from sending a snapchat in more obvious ways. For one, the ACP is a physical object. A snapchat is basically a short video or picture that you can’t really keep forever. Another is the amount of time you get to see a snapchat, you only get a few seconds before the moment, or video/picture is deleted forever. Lastly, the content of the snapchat is usually the ‘here and now’ while the ACP is filled with past tickets or memories!
  3. I think ephemera is very valuable. For one, think about it like this, why would you throw something away that was once valuable to you. A good example would be, would you neglect a friend that was once close to you because you have found a friend with more hobbies and common interests as you? No, you’d always remember them and in this case with objects… I usually keep things that are very memorable for me. I like to keep it aside to look back on if one day I wonder what my life was like before. If i were to give my grand kids a bead bracelet from Coachella, I would hope that they would one day look into where it came from, learn about it, and experience.
  4. Yes, definitely. I would suspect people in a museum to think of the work their as ‘art’ or drawings, paintings, and sculptures. While my ACP would be viewed as memories or bad choices and purchases.
  5. I actually believe that sending out a package shows more effort. So yes, this time and effort does mean something. In sending a snap chat, yes, it is more efficient because you can send it to anyone within seconds but, as for a package, it takes time to think how to organize, what to put into it, and how to ship it to someone. That’s the extra step, or effort you have to take to send someone your ACP! Theres just something about having something physical rather than virtual!
  6. I personally believe that preparing a meal with love means to cook it yourself and put your own twist on food, whether if its learning it on the spot or not. You know who the meal is being made for and you know what you want to cook for this person so you should prepare it how he/she wants it. An ACP, in my opinion, carries a different love other than that of a snap chat. In a snap chat, it could be good like McDonalds but do you really feel healthy after? With an ACP, it can resemble a home cooked meal or diet and the result is something delicious homemade and healthier!

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