Wk 4 – Artist Conversation – Elmer and Robert

Artists: Elmer & Robert
Gallery: CSULB School of Art
Instagram: Elmer – 3lmski1
Robert – wookieewarrior

About the Artist

Both Elmer and Robert are both undergraduate students at CSULB and are planning to attain their masters degree soon. Elmer’s work differs from that of Roberts because Elmer was born and raised in LA which you can see from his street style paintings. His work comes from inspirations and interviews of the homeless on the streets. Robert on the other hand is from Pico Rivera, he’s been drawing since he was a young boy.


Formal Analysis

Elmer’s work consisted of larger rectangular pieces and Robert’s work consisted of smaller irregular pieces. Elmer based his art on interviews of homeless people he met in Los Angeles and that was where he found his common ground on. These homelss people weren’t just random people, he actually got the chance to socialize and talk to them. For example, he met Greg, the art piece on Greg represented the man himself. Elmer noticed that Greg like to move his arms a lot so thats how he painted the piece, to show movement and gestures form Greg’s arm. He combined his pictures he took of Greg to produce a final piece. He also considered his surroundings and fragmentation. He used his Pink Panther piece to divide the gallery into two rooms and give his room an LA vibe.

Over on Robert’s side, his theme for his work is direct painting. His inspiration comes from materialism; a tendency to consider material possessions and physical comfort as more important than spiritual values.Robert explains that since some of his work is on cardboard, that his work is temporary. Subjects that he paints are people who influence his own philosophies such as his mentor, mother, grandmother, and himself in the gallery. He says art is like finding his own voice so, he played with a lot of things like sculpting and prefers everything to be hands on wen creating art.

Content Analysis

Their inspirations and motivations were very unique and interesting to hear. One thing that stood out to me was that Robert painted on broken up cardboard boxes rather than a canvas. In addition, I think Elmer’s work on the homeless is amazing and heart warming because he actually gets to meet them and socialize with them. Sometimes I think that the homeless is always ignored which sucks because i’m the type of person to always give something to a homeless person. People ignore them and pass by them when they ask for change or anything that would help them at all. I’ve heard stories of giving free food, free haircuts, free money to homeless people but, befriending them and putting them in the lime light is something more. I think that many people can appreciate this, especially the ones being painted.

Synthesis / My Experience

I truly believe that everyone deserves to live freely. In the case of these homeless people, they are unfortunate to be barley making it in their lives and Elmer’s work supports this idea. Robert’s work takes on more of a respect to those who have impacted his life. He gave back to his mentor, his mother, and his grandmother by having them as a unique individual pieces of art. I hope by looking at this gallery, students or people in general can respect the cruel world it is out there. Be generous.

Heres a few pictures I took of Elmer and Robert’s work. I was also influenced to do my assigned diptych with a classmate on Wednesday because of this work!


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