Wk5 – Artist Conversation – Yeri Hwang


Artist: Yeri Hwang
Media: Studio Art
Gallery: CSULB School of Art
Instagram: yeriyeti

About the Artist:
Yeri Hwang is a stuido artist from Torrance, CA about 20-30 minutes away from CSULB. She is an undergraduate student here at CSULB and is finishing her last semester of her fourth year. She wants to continue her passion and go to grad school. She has always been interested in art ever since she was young. Some things she likes to do outside of art is she likes to share her stories, she writes a lot, and she plays video games. She wanted to become a graphic novel artist and thought she was going to do illustrations but instead she came to Long Beach to extend her skills.

Formal Analysis:
Yeri is a multi disciplinary artist and she is a studio art major. She claims to like to try new things and says she “likes to dip her feet into a bit of everything”. Her art is very interactive and she loves to paint and sculpt things. She has a strong belief in that everyone should be able to express themselves in art and not just for the people that have a background in art. She thinks its unfair for people to not experience art because they have no background, but thats how we get into art, we dip our feet into a bit of everything. “Everyone should write a story of their own”.

Content Analysis:
As seasons change, time changes, as time changes, the world changes. In her colored wheel piece, she explains how it symbolizes a progression of time. In her broken glass piece, it is a reflection of many things and one for example is that it represents our insecurities and flaws of ourselves; she wants us to accept that that is okay. Lastly, her destination and mystery art piece tell the viewers that we as people are always looking for somewhere to be, whether it is a dream job, dream house, dream location, or even school, there will always be other destinations and imaginary places we are looking for, but sometimes we never get to that destination.

Synthesis/My Experience:
I think that her style of art is unique in a way that we can actually interact with her art. I love the idea that her art represents a sense of reality. When I walked through the gallery I was like, “wow this is pretty fun because instead of just staring at something, I get to play with her art and it represents life. Something that I learned out of this is that Yeri believes that life has its flaws as well as we do and we should be able to accept that. We are all trying to live our own lives to the fullest. As humans, we have goals, ambitions, and destinations we are trying to achieve. I find that it’s normal to not reach those goals because thats just how life works.

Here are examples of her interactive art pieces!


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