Wk 6 – Artist Conversation – Man’s Best Friend

Artist – Carmina Correa

medium – paper & watercolors

size – estimated 16×20

year – 2017

subject –Memes

CSULB Werby Gallery


Man’s Best Friend 

For years they spent gaining our trust, befriending us, living in our very homes. For as long as man has been able to tame wild beasts, canis lupus familiaris, or known to all as the common house dog, have been with us since the beginning. Who knew our greatest enemy, would be right under our very noses or perhaps above our very heads. Long ago, in the dawn of man, ancient beings, stationed high above the Earth’s atmosphere, observed the budding new life form and in it foresaw potential. Interested, the otherworldly race dispatched their terrestrial watchers, the canines, to survey the humans. Generation after generation of man and beast coincided in a harmonious symbiosis, all the while, the aliens waited patiently, to see what could become of man and what technology they could achieve. As time progressed, the once loyal and hardened canines, strayed away from their ancestral selves, forgetting their primary goal and initial masters. Frustrated, the extraterrestrials, began canvassing the planet, getting a better idea of what man was capable of. However, in their arrogance, they failed to realize the human’s capacity for growth, allowing man to gain the upper hand. Many ships were intercepted and taken to a highly classified research base, known as Area 51. Seeing the resistance put up by the earthly race, the aliens deemed the planet too dangerous for cultivation. Thus, putting into motion their contingency plan for planetary devastation. Deep within the genetic makeup of the canines lied a dormant strain, only to be activated in the most dire of situations. Suddenly, their muscles bulged, fur growing exponentially as their skin stretched beyond measure. In every home, park, and field, breeds of all shapes and sizes morphed into towering monsters, casting their long shadow over the skyscrapers below. Man may have stood a chance against their once good companions, had it not been for the lasers. Light coming into the canine’s eyes, bounced around in their retina, back and forth, until finally, it came shooting out as a highly intensified ray of heat, effectively subduing Earth’s military might. Cutting their losses, the higher beings, departed in search of new life amongst the stars, leaving a scorched Earth in their wake. big-dog


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