Wk 7 – Classmate Conversation – Vicki Wu

This week I got to meet up with Vicki Wu and have my classmate conversation with her. She is a first year undergraduate student hear at CSULB and majoring in Health Care Admin. She is originally from the 626 area in Rosemead. Just like me, she is taking this class as GE. What I found out was that she is my psis from Sigma Phi Omega. I found this really cool because most people I talk to aren’t affiliated with a fraternity or sorority so it’s cool to meet someone who is, especially who pledged the same season as me. At first, Vicki wanted to go to UCR but ended up coming to CSULB instead. Vicki is pretty tall and played volleyball in high school.IMG_4610

Heres a link to go check out her blogs!



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