Wk 8 – Art Experience – Finger Painting

This week I got the chance to get my fingers wet in some paint! This experience made me feel like a child again. I remember when I used to play with paint palettes like this when I was younger or even play with food with my fingers. This just made my mind become more creative as it used to be when I was younger. This was actually easier than I expected. As opposed to the automatic drawing, I had the same approach coming into this except I had paint rather than pastel or chalk. When doing this I actually saw things that I wouldn’t if using other material. In my painting I actually see dinosaurs, Pokemon, another dimension, palm tree, meteors, and so much more! I think I see more or was more creative because of the various textures of the paint. Comparing this to other paintings i’ve seen, I think they come from the same place; creativity. I was just randomly dabbling with paint and all of a sudden, I want to create objects through what I see, thats probably how painters create such great art pieces.

The first image is me setting up my work station. The next photo is what I had so far mid way into the activity. And finally, the last picture resembles various objects and meanings I listed above! Overall, I enjoyed this activity because it generated a lot of laughter for me and my friends around me as I was working on this!


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