Wk 10 – Artist Conversation – Brittney Waters

Exhibition Information

Artist: Brittney Waters

Exhibition: #MoreThanASandbox

Media: clay, varnish, sand

Gallery: Dutzi Gallery

Instagram: @artbywaters

About the Artist

This week, I got the chance to interview Brittney Waters. She is a ery outgoing person who presents herself with a fun personality. Brittney is in her final year here at CSULB aiming to earn her BFA in the Ceramics program. She decided to do an exhibit of Turtles, specifically Sea turtles after she took a trip to Hawaii. She realized that she hasn’t seen a nesting of sea turtles, but we are able to see sea turtles. She explains that there is a lot of wildlife that isn’t supported unless there is a value to us, or entertaining to us and that is where she came up with the hashtag “#MoreThanASandbox”.

Formal Analysis

Brittney is the type of artist who adds much detail to her work to make it as realistic as possible! Her turtles that she made handmade show realistic characteristics for each hatchling. We can see the effort and time she put in to her work such as the faded shell and dark black glossy paint she used for the eyes to make them see live and well.

Content Analysis

Brittney’s exhibit was about bringing awareness to these turtles. I find it cool that again, an artist uses art to bring awareness/concerns by art! I once stated before in previous blog posts that I just realized that art is used everyday to bring awareness in politics, worldwide problems and more rather than just being a piece of work as entertainment or amusement. The fact that we don’t see a nest of turtles on any beach is a scary thing. Brittney realizes and explains to us that wildlife is not protected unless there is an entertainment value to us.

Synthesis/My Experience

overall, I think this exhibit was great and I can say that i’m very impressed with the amount of work she put into each and every turtle in her work. Each one had so much time and effort put into it, probably resembling how much passion she has for supporting wildlife. Each turtle took about 3 hours to start and finish a turtle… that’s a lot of time consumed that could be used for other things but, she made her exhibit detailed and thats thats so amazing about it.



Here are photos taken showing how realistic Brittney’s turtle are in her exhibit!


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