Wk 13 – Artist Conversation – Laura Lopez

Artist: Laura Lopez
Gallery: CSULB School of Art

About the Artist: 

When talking to Laura I found out she has a Masters in Fine Arts. She is from Medellin, Columbia and moved here to Long Beach a few years back. She worked for quite a few years on her undergraduate degree in architecture before deciding to study out here in California. She was excited to explore the weather, environment and beaches of California.

Formal Analysis:

I learned that she is greatly inspired by the jungle and wilderness. She truly admires how nature is built She believes nature creates life forms that are interconnected and it all comes together as a whole organism in natural ecosystems. Laura also thinks nature is intelligent. She says this because nature continuously forms life through organic patterns of growth that are full of beauty and wisdom.

Content Analysis:

I think her work focuses on how patterns and colors form and function as she says “structural elements build imagery and composition”. She then produces a visual representation of the natural worlds. She expresses the idea of organic growth in natural ecosystems as the jungle and wild forests. She is also super interested in time evolving and has wonders and ideas how plants grow in space.

Synthesis/My Analysis:

I think that this exhibit was naturally refreshing (nature pun). She seems to use a wide variety of colors, when i walked in i was blasted by the amount of flavor the pieces of work in the room had! When talking to her, and learning her inspirations coming from the jungle, she claimed “thats where my roots are planted”. I thought that she was very connected or just super into nature.

colorful stuff


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