Wk 13 – Classmate Conversation – Megan Maeda

This week I spent some time talking to Megan Maeda. Megan is a first year that is majoring in Asian studies. She is from Corona but dorms here in Long Beach. I found out me and Megan are in the same club called PAC. It’s a filipino cultural club with a lot of philanthropy events and socials. We actually performed at PCN which was on April 23! It was a cultural dance and skit that lasted about 2 hours long. She joined because one of her old suite mates had asked her if she was asian and wanted to attend a club meeting with her (LOL). Megan is half Japanese and half Filipino. I asked her what influenced her to dye her hair and she said when she was younger she played soccer and looked similar on the field as her coaches daughter so she dyed it pink. Now she dyes her hair and keeps it colored every since #trendsetter. I noticed she has a tattoos so I asked about them, she has a cherry blossom tree because every year her family visits Japan during cherry blossom season but this year she didn’t get to so she got it permanently tattooed on her arm. Her hobbies consist of hanging out with friends and playing with dogs. Her favorite color is teal and her favorite food is grilled cheese because she says its basic but can be dressed up or down with different ingredients and sides. Check out her blog!!



Also heres Megan(s) at PCN:




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