Wk 15 – Art Experience – Design Thinking Applied to Life

This week I get to talk about the 3 possible Future Me’s. I know it sounds weird but theres more than one person who you could be, what I mean by that is you could be a doctor, or if all doesn’t go well you could end up a famous youtube star. This week, this activity goes hand in hand with the art talk video!

The first “me” is currently pursuing a career as a nurse. Most realistically, I chose to be a nurse because my mother always told me to, but after some experience and volunteer hours, I found myself in a place where I’m helping people and feeling good about it!

The second “me” if the current thing disappeared would probably be a mechanic because I am a huge car enthusiast and I love how the car community brings people together. Honestly, I should have taken that route even though I hate math… Cars plays a huge role in my life and I feel like, I can never take a brake from cars. It sounds weird but every time I spend a weekend away from my car and come back to it, I just enjoy getting behind the wheel and going for a cruise or going to the track to blow off some heat.

The third “me” if I was financially secure and no one were to judge me… I’d probably be a youtuber. I don’t know why I stopped but, I actually used to make youtube videos until one day I just stopped. I remember my subscribers matched that of the famous “Nigahiga” on youtube at 4,000 subscribers when he first started! I actually got back into youtube when I started skating, riding fixed gear, and scooters but I got lazy over time and put it aside completely. But ever since then I wanted to get back into making video edits and not caring about having to go to work because that would be my work!IMG_3104.jpg

Heres a nice flick of me back in the day LOL.


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