Wk15 – Extra Credit – Class Evaluation

This was one of the most pleasant classes during my undergraduate path here at CSULB! This class actually helped guide me to be a bit more creative and think more outside the box! The first time coming to class I thought wow this is so extra with the additional wordpress and slack… But after the first few time not going to class because we would do art activities and just talk about it online, I found myself enjoying the class. Along the journey, i’ve met a bunch of awesome people and I can see my network expanding tremendously!

First, my favorite activity of all time was the automatic drawing! I found myself just doodling with a friend thats not even in the class and we had a blast!IMG_2049

Next up would be the hand cast plaster! This one was fun cause it was our very first activity and I doubted the amount of fun i’d have because I didn’t wanna go to the beach but I actually had fun on the sideline!img_1471

Third favorite was probably creating a story from two different angles of pictures… This one was fun cause me and a couple of friends had to literally go on the freeway and find a good place just to take a picture and try and be safe while doing it.3136629f-2ebf-4155-93c9-9683fa663f8e

On the other hand… My least favorite activities were:

Ethnography because I was literally bored the whole time and i felt like I wasted a large amount of time because I wasn’t very sleepy and it took me a while to sleep and I couldn’t do much. My next least favorite was probably the zine book because I was completely out of ideas to work on that activity, and last was reconstructing the wedge because I didn’t really know how to remodel something because I am nowhere near an architect.

If I were to give advice how future classes should go, I would consider keeping slack and leaving behind slack. Slack was easier to talk to students and get to know their opinion but I felt we could do that in class and discuss during our time at the Art galleries. At first, I thought wordpress was going to be extra and all but after using to write my blogs, I felt like it was a more engaging class! Overall, having slack in the class wont be a huge problem but, I think it would be easier for future students without it!


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